Fred Tiencken is the Co-founder and Senior Director of Smart Brain Insights and a Latin American Corporate Regional Partner for Neuro-Link Company where he works directly with practitioners, partners and clients.
He is certified as a Master Practitioner of NeuroLink, a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), he assists clients to discover, develop and maximize their potential.
Fred has held several managerial positions in the USA, and as a manager in Central and South America with International Fortune 500 Companies. He is best known for being a person oriented to service others; a problem solver and an out of the box solution seeker.
His work with diverse workforces lets him connect with workers and management with ease, allowing him to quickly identify problem areas and develop effective solutions.
He is also bilingual in Spanish and English and has developed bilingual training programs in the USA and abroad. Additionally, he is certified in Small Business Safety Management Systems, as a Human Resources Generalist, and is an OSHA Safety Trainer. He is also a Member and Officer of Orlando International Toastmasters Club 8503

Coach Fred


I want nothing more than to help  my clients to be the best version of themselves. Attaining  maximum potential for an individual is a series of steps to be taken one at a time. Running up or skipping steps only makes the path longer and slower. To achieve one’s maximum potential begins with identifying the obstacles that you may not realize are hindering your progress.

Our clients appreciate the need for a customized personal analysis to develop and implement creative strategies to achieve new growth. They look to transform and build agility capability to better serve their organization, Cohorts, community and themselves.


How We Help:

  • Facilitate shifting fixed mindsets into a Growth Mindset.

  • Help individuals reach a readiness level to transform and become goal oriented at the individual, leadership, organizational, and strategic levels.

  • Facilitate strategic sessions aimed to find attainable goals and new opportunities.